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Swirl and shimmer silently

Wind whips and unleashes

A blizzard of whirling snowflakes

Hellgate Canyon disappears

Swallowed in the sudden storm

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It drew me in and held me

When I fought to run and hide

A wild vessel that protected and embraced my primal side.

It offered peace and refuge

From an unaccepting world

Its canyons, creeks and forests

Caught my grief and tears unfurled.

Nature showed me courage

To be who I am inside

To live the dream I’d always dreamed

But believed I had to hide.

I dream nature will always be there

Like a certain burning star

That simply just reminds us

“Be exactly who you are.”

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Stone circles hide wisdom in tall grasses

Golden eagle soars

Wind blasts and rockets a plastic bag skyward, upward,

Across the endless prairie.

Jumbled earth below the mesa

Reveals a bison metatarsal

The rest of him hidden, decayed, dispersed, missing.

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We force them into boxes

And toss them up on shelves

We do it to each other

We do it to ourselves.

We think we really know them

And of all that lies inside

But boxes, walls and boundaries

Cannot halt the rising tide.

There really is no “other”,

No him nor her nor me

For all the world’s our brother

Struggling to be free.

An old dark world seeks sameness

Where fear and might make right

Yet a new world is emerging

With six billion unique lights.

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Raven hovers above the bow

Duwamish natives paddle once placid waters long ago gouged by glaciers.

Jettisoned from their villages along Elliott Bay

They land ashore, once more,

Their homeland now a great seaport city, named after a long-dead chief

Bustling, teeming, loud, fast

Several generations now have passed.

Raven shaman, ghost-like, plies the currents in between,

Ebbs and flows from memory to dream.

The wake doesn’t have to drive the boat.

NOTES: This poem was inspired by a short documentary film that a friend had recently seen in Seattle, my own impressions of “The Emerald City” and the Puget Sound area, and a paraphrase of one of my favorite Wayne Dyer quotes.  Happy Solstice!

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Homeless man pedals through Hellgate Canyon,

Late afternoon cloud shadows tumble and play on Jumbo’s hills.

Lone birch tree illuminates a side trail leading to a transient camp.

Trees scrape by and hang on, talus slopes hurtling more rocks in their path.

Magenta willows hug the water’s edge,

Hiding common mergansers fishing upstream.

Lone bald eagle swoops toward the river,

Misses its evening meal,

Ascends heavenward, empty-talloned yet free.

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A clearcut beckons at the forest edge,

Still standing stumps freely offer solace


Clouds climb and sprint across the clearing sky

Wind whips and whistles through barbed wire


Douglas Fir sentinels stand and sway,

Trunks scarred by fire and drought,

Bark peeled and bored by beetles,

hieroglyphics, indecipherable, left behind


Roots reach deep and strong into unknown earth

Yielding wisdom to all who listen, hear

and remember.

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